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Competence in end-of-life care does not need specialist skills

Clinical Skills
Terminal restlessness: causes, assessment and management
Communication vignettes: 'She's starving to death nurse!'

Clinical reviews
Withholding and withdrawing artificial nutrition/hydration
End-of-life care for older people in the acute hospital setting

Gold Standards Framework
Advance care planning and communication in care homes

Clinical Practice Development
Ethics and the law: when an advance care plan is overruled
The delivery of end-of-life care within extra-care housing
Syringe drivers: standardising protocols to minimise errors
Facilitating a complex discharge from an acute hospital to home

Personal narrative: the other side of the sheets
Discharging my father from hospital

End-of-life care competencies
For nurses and health and social are staff working in the community, care homes and hospitals

Research Reports
Reasearch Reports

Clinical Education
Courses at St Christopher's Hospice