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Issues relating to nutrition and hydration at end of life

Clinical Reviews
District nurses' role in fostering hope in end-stage cancer patients
Signs and symptoms of end-stage idiopathic Parkinson's disease

Clinical Skills
Communication vignettes: 'How seriously ill is she, nurse?'

Clinical Practice Development
Ethics and the law: waiting for a miracle cure from God

National End of Life Care Programme Update
Achieving high-quality care at the end-of-life in the acute hospital setting

Gold Standards Framework
Reducing hospital admissions from care homes

Clinical research
Evaluating effectiveness of the GSFCH and LCP in care homes
After-death care and the hidden role of palliative care nurses

Case assignment
Assessment and management of constipation in terminal disease

Personal Narrative: the other side of the sheets
Witnessing the slow death of my father

Research Reports
Research Reports

Clinical Education
Courses at St Christopher's Hospice