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Compassion in nursing and its importance in end-of-life care

Clinical Skills
Brainstem death in an intensive care unit: a cultural perspective
Communication vignettes:'Why am I on a pathway nurse?'

Clinical Reviews
Trajectories towards death: how people cope when they are dying
Culturally competent care at the end of life: a Hindu perspective
Valued aspects of palliative care community nurse speicialist role
Cognitive behavioural therapy in palliative and end-of-life care
Loss responses at the end-of-life: a conceptual reflection

Clinical Research
Motor neurone disease: insight into experience of family carers

Gold Standards Framework
The GSF Prognostic Indicator Guidance

Personal Narrative: the other side of the sheets
Dying at home: my father's story

Research Reports
Research Reports

Clinical Education
Courses at St Christopher's Hospice