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Patients’ symptoms cannot be managed by medication alone

Clinical Skills
Supporting families of dying patients: communication skills
Care of continence during the terminal phase of illness
Management of constipation in advanced stages of disease

Clinical Reviews
Care of families during and after the death of a loved one
End-of-life needs of lesbian, gay and bisexual older people
Importance of communication in end-stage heart failure
When a terminal patient is no longer able to eat or drink

St Christopher’s Hospice Clinical Guidelines
Last offices

Reflections on creativity

Clinical practice development
Ethics and the law: expressing choices for end-of-life care Developing a renal service for patients opting not to dialyse Gold Standards Framework: improving community care ‘Just-in-case’ medication boxes for palliative care patients

Personal narrative
Impact of poor assessment: Yvonne’s story

Research reports

Clinical Education
Courses at St Christopher’s Hospice